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Connect Revenue

System connectivity and revenue operations for Sales & Marketing teams within hypergrowth companies

Meet our all-in-one solution for efficient revenue operations

We make your tech stack communicate, work as one, and eliminate the manual junk.


Create a cohesive sales and marketing operation that predicts revenue and nudges the right action - at the right time - to the right stakeholder. It's time that all of your systems and efforts are working cohesively in what we call, Smarketing.

Why Hartland?

The best tech stack in the world can't help you scale your business or increase revenue if it's not properly connected and automated. Scalability can't be a reality if it takes a specialist to understand how it all works together.

We launched Hartland to provide companies a world-class operations infrastructure without the hassle of in-house teams.

Marketing Attribution

Where did these leads come from and how should I spend the rest of my budget?

We provide a 360 degree view of how many clicks, emails,  and ad impressions it takes to convert a lead

We ensure you're equipped with advanced dashboards that allow you to understand what channel is producing the highest marketing sourced opportunities

Lead Scoring

More than a score - it’s an understanding of why someone should be contacted, with what type of content, and at what time.

Behavior, intent, and demographic attributions.

We give Sales a measured focus on who to prospect.

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Automate. Automate. Then, automate some more.

Data hygiene is the foundation to scale, spend, and focus.

The world of manually updating stages, sources, and attribution details are comparable to today’s fax machine. What is that? No, thank you.


Take the guesswork out of what you should be focusing on.

There’s reporting to report - but then there’s automated KPIs going to the right person at the right time to ensure SLAs, testing, accuracy, and advanced learning. Welcome the Hartland way.

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Our Clients

Don't just take our word for it.

"We weren't set up to scale."

“Before Hartland, we were juggling 10 tools with all manual work. Orders were coming in at a rapid pace and we weren't set up to scale. That has all changed for us in only 2 months. We'll be using their team for many years to come.”

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